This Chicago Official Thinks Our Flag Is “Toilet Paper” … So Let’s Make Her Famous

A relatively unknown official from the Chicago area doesn’t think the American flag is worth any more than toilet paper, and it’s about time more Americans became aware of her scathing comments.

According to The Washington Times, School District U-46 board member Traci O’Neal Ellis wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that the American flag is a meaningless cloth that serves as a “false symbol of hope” for African-Americans.

In her post endorsing the idea of NFL players protesting the national anthem, Ellis wrote, “That flag means nothing more than toilet paper to me.”

“And I promise you, I would take #TakeAKnee at school board meetings if my doing so would not be disruptive to kids and a distraction to the work we need to do for them,” Ellis wrote.

Jeanette Ward, who also serves on the school board of U-46, which covers Chicago suburbs in Cook, DuPage and Kane counties, put out her own Facebook post on Tuesday announding that a “concerned constituent” brought Ellis’ anti-American post to her attention.

Ward posted a screenshot of Ellis’ Facebook post and said she disagreed in the “strongest possible terms” with her fellow school board member.

Ward rightfully called Ellis’ comments “despicable and disgusting,” and many Americans would agree with that.

In a phone interview on Wednesday with the Chicago Tribune, Ward said she couldn’t believe someone could make such vile comments about our nation’s flag.

“I was taken aback that she would say that, even though it is consistent with things she’s said in the past,” Ward said. “To say it’s nothing more than toilet paper, I’m appalled.”

Ellis also spoke with the Tribune, but said she has no plans to apologize for her vile, disgusting anti-American remarks.

“My point was to convey the message that the flag doesn’t mean anything to me. I could’ve said just that and not used the analogy,” Ellis said.

Ellis wrote a lengthy post on her school board Facebook page on Tuesday in response to the criticism from Ward and others. She stood by her remarks and contended that her comments about the American flag and national anthem were justified.

“I cannot be embarrassed by righteous truth,” Ellis wrote. “Whether anyone wants to accept it or not, my experience in America is vastly different than that of white people. This is true for most people of color. Unfortunately, many people are arrogant enough to deny the lived experiences of black people.”

She doubled down, again, on denigrating the flag. But she also made unnecessary comments toward “conservative white people.”

“The flag and the anthem are symbols in this country of freedom and ‘justice and liberty’ for all. Yet that is a blatant lie for black folks,” Ellis wrote. “You may not agree that our protest is righteous. That is YOUR RIGHT. But FREE SPEECH is not only reserved for conservative white people.”

A portion of Ellis’ Facebook post from Tuesday can be seen below.

Ellis has every right to disrespect our flag and anthem if she so chooses. The real issue is that her anti-American comments went way too far and are unacceptable.

Comparing our flag, which many brave men and women have died for so that Americans like Ellis have the freedoms that she does, to toilet paper is deplorable and unacceptable.

Comparing our flag to toilet paper is arguably one of the most scathing insults an individual can say.

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